This page will be redesigned since it has becoming unruly with the recent addition of several items. Until that time, it is what it is. Please bear with us.

ARES Application Form

The link that follows is a fillable PDF form that includes instructions. After you have filled it out, be sure to save it as a new file, and then send that file as directed along with any other documents indicated in the form. If you don’t have all of the certificates required for Level 2, fear not. You have plenty of time.

Androscoggin County ARES Application

Log Book Originals

The latest official pages of the log book, including blank forms, and frequency list. Good information in here about Androscoggin and neighboring counties in Maine. Check it out, download it, use it.

ARES Op Log Book.pdf

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Net Control Procedure

This PDF contains the scripting for acting as net control for training nets, event nets, and activation nets.

Training Materials

Net Control Training

The net control training manual gives helpful advice about how to manage various types of nets, when to use each type, and the strengths and weaknesses of each type.

FEMA ICS Courses

FEMA ICS courses are available online as self-study courses. Be sure to sign up for a SID (Student Identification Number) prior to doing anything, as it will be required to take tests and get credit. When you pass the test a certificate will be mailed to you. Save this someplace safe, and make a backup copy!


Download and register the WinLink program (on a Windows computer) so you are ready to participate in this digital mode. It operates through telnet (Internet) or RF so the transition from one to the other is painless.

ICS Forms

The official ICS forms are located on the FEMA website. A link to the forms page is below. The forms we typically use and that you should have copies of in your Go-Kit are: ICS-211, ICS-213, ICS-214


One form that is identified as an ICS form, but is not actually an official ICS form, is one refered to as ICS-309. Since this is not a true ICS form it will not be found on the FEMA web site. Additionally, since it is not an official form, there are many variations but no single base form. Use at your discretion. The one provided below is from Santa Clara County, CA and has some features of particular value to HAMs.


Most recent known Maine ARES Frequency List. Last updated 2019 Oct 09