Simulated Emergency Test (SET) 2020

ARES - Amateur Radio Emergency Service

SET 2020 Aftermath

The exercise is over, but improving never is. The resources below will remain here for a while, and other resources shall be added. Do check back for updates and participate in the weekly nets and monthly meetings. Enjoy the Holiday Season and be prepared to hit the ground running after the New Year comes.

Recommended references and forms:

Traffic Operations Reference “the Pink Card”:

Radiogram form:

RRI Message Log:

Training Videos
Matthew Curtin KD8TTE in Ohio has been putting together a series of YouTube videos on
message relaying.

#3 Originating a message for transmission by radio.

#9 Avoiding Common Mistakes in Message Relay
#10 Receiving Radiograms from a National Traffic System Net
#8 Hip Pocket Training: Relay, Don’t Edit
#18 Radiogram Punctuation